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Products and Services

Nixene Publishing is pleased to offer our premium graphene-related publications and services. Graphene research and its astounding, ongoing discoveries will keep current researchers busy their entire careers, according to Professor Sir Andre Geim in his interview conducted at the GEIC in January 2020, with Nixene Editor-in-Chief Adrian Nixon,

    • Technologies continue to emerge based upon the research.
    • Graphene-based products are steadily entering the commercial market.

Nixene Publishing offers high-quality, ever-evolving, invaluable graphene information.

Our team is ready to develop packages specific to your needs, with options which may include:

Nixene Journal – by subscription or single copy, bringing the world’s graphene intelligence to your inbox once per month.

Special Edition Nixene Journal –  printed edition of the Nixene Journal,  tailored to your industry or topic, designed for conferences, special events, or high-value marketing.

Global Manufacturing ReportOur current research has identified the organisations worldwide that are capable of producing graphene.  This global manufacturing report identifies each manufacturer and the products they are making.

Workshops conducted by our team members, Adrian Nixon and Rob Whieldon will provide clarity from complexity of the graphene industry. They will explain how specific graphene applications will benefit your organization or company.

Mini-Workshops are suitable for a brief yet concise overview of graphene topics related to your particular interests.

  • BONUS!  Free Graphene-related graphics!   Adrian Nixon generously offers his copyright free graphics for you to use in your graphene presentations. When used, please credit Nixene Publishing. Thank you!

Design Your Own Package: Contact us today! Allow us to work with you to design an ideal publications and services package for your purposes. We would be delighted to hear from you.