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Sample issue of the Nixene Journal

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Nixene Publishing creates clear information products in plain English for busy decision makers.

We have a goal –  to reach across disciplines and generate regular, relevant insights derived from research and market developments.

  • Nixene Journal: Creating Clarity from Complexity™ in the Graphene World  

A premium digital publication, the Journal is less about news as this is already reported by free sites. News sites tend to repeat the headlines given to them and generate awareness.

The Nixene Journal would rather pick up on developments at a monthly frequency and interpret the work in plain English with straightforward graphics. This way you will gain a deeper understanding of the continuing developments and importantly, what this means for you.

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*New* and available now…

  • Special Issue: Topics – digital edition, single-copy purchases featuring one topic.
Special Edition Topic: Graphene in Space

Graphene in Space: £365 digital copy

Special Issue Topic Graphene in China

Graphene in China: £365 digital copy


Compilations of the latest research and commercialization of graphene on the following topics:

April 2020 – Space

April 2020 – China

May 2020 – Healthcare

June 2020 – Water

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Graphene business people and investors will find the Nixene Journal a reliable and informative regular source of insight, and this can be tailored to your specific interests. 

  • Special Edition  –  print edition of the Nixene Journal,  tailored to your industry or topic, designed for high-value marketing, conferences or special events.  Inquire for pricing.
2018 GEIC Grand Opening Special Edition Nixene Journal

Wire-bound Special Edition for GEIC Grand Opening 2018

Fully Customized Special Edition Nixene Journal for American Graphene Summit 2019

Fully Customized Special Edition American Graphene Summit 2019

100+ page Special Edition for World Future Energy Summit 2020

100+ page Special Edition for World Future Energy Summit 2020











Designed for Quick and Easy Reference:

Nixene Journal creates clarity from complexity
Nixene Journal creates clarity from complexity

Each page is devoted to one topic providing a clear summary of the technology or business activity

  • Hyperlinks and references allow you to check the sources
  • Graphics provide a visual summary

Bonus! Any images we create are free for you to use. We provide these images on request to subscribers.

The relevance section provides the ‘so what’ – a distillation of why you might need to pay attention to this development

The navigator on the left hand side of each page contains information about the markets products and applications. This will constantly evolve and help you keep track of the emerging market segmentation.